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True space

true space with Long Island Homes

Real space or ‘true space’ is very important. When walking through a display home and seeing all the lovely furniture around and furnishings. It’s difficult not to be inspired. However, how is the family going to actually use that space, when we put real furniture in? Understandably not everyone can afford to go out and buy brand new furniture when they are moving into their new home.

  • How is the furniture going to work in that space?
  • How is that furniture going to be positioned?
  • Is there really going to be enough room?

We see this all the time, where someone will look at a design, and think it is fantastic for them. Put their own furniture in and think about how the family lives around that space, particularly around the kitchen. Do I need a butlers pantry? Do I need large storage? How do I actually use that space effectively on a day to day basis?

Land sizes have come down and houses have become more complex in their design.

Designs more complex by trying to fit more living areas. With master bedrooms to be a living space in their own right, to hopefully take a little bit of pressure so the parents can retreat and hide somewhere. We look at how much time we are actually going to spend in those spaces. For instance, the kids might be in a bedroom for 2 or 3 hours, and then they are out with everybody else.

Can the whole family actually sit comfortably together in the one space?

We probably spend as much time now sitting with people and sizing their furniture into a plan, and turning the furniture into a plan to make sure that it actually works. That way, they are not disappointed when they move in to their new home.

It is those 1%’ers that really make a difference.

It’s all about the start, making sure you know exactly what you are going to be taking into your new home, how you live in your home, and then making sure that the home you choose is going to fit all of that.

Also, not just for today either, homes are for many years! Thank goodness we have a lot of parks around houses now so that the outdoor area or the external living area, apart from barbeques and friends coming over, are easily accessible and usable. Kids don’t normally play out in the backyard these days because the parks and football fields are around for that. So we should think about, not just buying the house for today, but how is it going to be in 5 or 7 years time for us as a family to live in. That’s really important.

That saves paying stamp duty again, removal costs, agents commission and a lot of upheaval with schools.

Particularly if you are looking at houses in some of the new estates, you are growing up with the people around you. So that’s your community. You really need to know your house is going to grow with you.

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