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Architects hand working blueprint wooden desk work place


Yes, WE ARE Our display homes are temporarily closed. We are working remotely and still available to assist you. Previous Next Phone and video conferencing

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True space

Real space or ‘true space’ is very important. When walking through a display home and seeing all the lovely furniture around and furnishings. It’s difficult

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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a really important thing. Some people would think that energy efficiency is just about putting some batts in the walls and a

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House choice

When you are looking at building your new home, the choice of whether to build a single or double storey home is a big issue.

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Site costs

Going back about 10 years ago, we would just talk about site costs and everything under the sun would fall into that category. Everything that

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Choosing and building your new home is simple and timely with the new Long Island Homes Altitude range. Six simple steps from beginning to end and

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