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Bonus value can be used on many upgrades! Developer upgrades, facades, interior design upgrades! (Excludes site costs)

Long Island Homes reserves the right to substitute any product/item with an equivalent or better product item if the original product/item has become discontinued or is not available within reasonable time period during construction. Prior to deposit, the standard inclusions may be altered by Long Island Homes without notice.

The Owner/s are to provide a site clear of all obstructions prior to the commencement of construction. This includes the removal of rock, rubbish and/or stock piled spoil. This also requires the cutting of any long grass. Failure to provide a clear site may result in delays in the commencement of construction that will be passed onto the Owner/s.

Safety is paramount to Long Island Homes and therefore we operate within a strict Occupational Health and Safety policy. This policy is to protect the best interests of our Employees and Contractors alike. For the safety of our customers, this policy also extends to the general public and therefore prior to entering your property, we ask that you contact your Long Island Homes Customer Service Officer to gain approval for your request to enter the property. During the building process your property is deemed to be a construction zone and therefore we must advise you that there is a potential risk of injury. Entry onto the site either by the owner’s representatives without prior approval by Long Island Homes would constitute a breach of the Homes Building Agreement. No works are to be carried out on site by the Customer or Customer arranged subcontractors during the Long Island Homes construction period, or prior to handover.

Builder Registration: CDB-U 58094

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